SEO project for a website website helps find burning discounts and special offers in Brazil website was created 8 months ago, however until now its owners haven’t done any internal optimization or Brazil-targeted promotion. Although has an official Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile, the website attendance and sale rates have been decreasing for the last two months.

The target audience of consists of web users of all age groups. Considering this, we advised the owner to launch a massive advertising campaign in addition to internal optimization and external promotion.  

At the beginning of SEO campaign we carefully studied the inner structure of the website, examining the conformance of titles, description and meta-keywords.  As the client already had their own keywords list, we expanded it with the keywords gained from the targeted region analysis (Brazil). Our final result was a 993 keywords list.

The keywords positions have shown visible progress in the very first month of SEO-campaign. Our campaign was divided into several stages:

  • SEO-analysis
  • creation of semantic kernel
  • titles, description, meta-keywords editing
  • promotion via backlinks



  • SEO campaign start date: June 30, 2015
  • Web site:
  • Subject:  discount aggregator 
  • Location: Brazil
  • Objective: attract new visitors, increase conversion
  • Services: website full audit (technical testing included), inner website optimization, inbound marketing,
  • linkbuilding.


  • Brazilian market-oriented
  • Wide target audience



  • Website visibility: 15,5%
  • Bounce rate: 86%
  • Audience: 100% visitors - from Brazil

What we did


During the course of our comprehensive analysis we found 3 main errors:

  • lack of keywords in web-page titles
  • insufficient description
  • lack of meta-keywords


Using in-depth analysis we obtained 933 keywords list, including the keywords provided by the client.


We created relevant titles, descriptions and added meta-keywords while the client added contact data to the corresponding page. 

To improve SEO-campaign results our experts recommend the following: 

  • adding topical text to the website’s main page
  • adding option to log in via social network accounts

We managed to reduce website’s load time by optimizing the interactive main page and the image weight.


We started promoting with the help of placing internal links on thematic websites.  This method brought excellent results.  

Initially the total number of inner links was only 46 (11 referring domains). After the first month of campaign it grew to 296 (24 referring domains), increasing website’s visibility from 15,5% to 28%.

We drew client’s attention to such important aspect of organic search promotion as social networking. The website owner has launched a big PR campaign in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Such activity will significantly contribute to brand’s advertising, making it more recognizable among web users.


What we accomplished

We are currently working on promoting in the Google organic search for targeted region (Brazil). 279 keywords of 993 got positions on Google SERP. 4 of them got to Google TOP 1 (Brazil). All these results are not final.   

Providing the client with regular interim reports, we elaborate on our next steps together.  The PR campaign for social networks also proved to be successful. 

  • Duration of the SEO promotion campaign: 31 days
  • Website visibility: 28%
  • Keywords got higher positions on Google SERP(s): 279
  • Keywords entered on Google TOP100: 139

The abovementioned results have been achieved since the beginning of SEO campaign.


The following results have been achieved from the SEO campaign start


It is too early to draw conclusions at the current SEO-campaign stage. The progress is evident:  the main keywords positions have visibly grown. We continue gradually building backlinks on reliable trust websites. Our experts recommend the owner to proceed with attracting new visitors with even more active social networking and PR posts & offers.

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