SEO project for a website

Website optimization and promotion in SERP — Brazil
Mensagex, a Brazilian marketing company, employed our services in January 2015. The company’s main concern was low website attendance which resulted in online sales decrease.
Business companies are the target audience of The range of its services includes e-mail-marketing and Facebook networking. We started with dividing this project into several stages:
  • analyzing the website and positions
  • creating semantic kernel
  • editing the website
  • improving keyword positions
  • promotion by backlinks project was made for Brazilian market, so we focused our efforts on promoting the website in (Brazil). 


  • SEO campaign start date: January 14, 2015
  • Web site:
  • Subject: email-marketing, SMM
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • Objective: increase organic Google search traffic and conversion, lower the bounce rate
  • Services: website full audit (technical testing included), inner website optimization, linkbuilding, social networking


  • Brazil market-oriented
  • narrow specialization


  • Website visibility: 12,8%
  • Bounce rate: 82%
  • Page download speed: 7 kB/sec
  • Audience: 100% visitors – from Brazil
  • Rank in Brazil: 18,723

What we did


After performing full checkup we came across 3 main errors:

  • Text/HTML ratio
  • Images
  • Zero network presence (Facebook, Google+, Twitter page)


Per client’s request we added their own keyword list to the project. In addition our SEOs created a semantic kernel based on the analysis performed by our own keyword selection tool. Our end result was a large semantic kernel which enabled client to choose keywords for promotion to Google TOP 10.


As the initial page download speed was too slow, we did the following:

  • changed Text/HTML ratio
  • squeezed the images without sacrificing quality

It resulted in page download speed changing from 7 kB/sec tо 3,5 kB/sec.

Our developers adapted the website for mobile phones. 

To increase the website’s search engine visibility we created company’s accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.



We chose the most effective promotion methods such as: link placement on same-subject websites and subject-related blogposting. This tactic has rapidly borne fruit: at the time of this SEO case making visibility made up 23,5% exceeding the previous rate on 10,7%.

Gradual building of internal links placed on topical websites also proved to be effective. Currently referring domains amount has grown from 0 to 305. We perform link placement manually, so we are confident in guaranteeing quality and high Google of all websites chosen for the project.

Guest blogging and article posting on specialized web-platforms attracted new visitors to the website, improving its positions in organic search. 


By promoting we managed to draw more traffic and boost company’s ratings on the Internet. 


What we achieved

With the internal website optimization complete we continue working on the outer one. As is intended for particular online-audience (business companies) the results have exceeded both ours and client’s expectations. Sales reports prove that our promotion methods were a success and website’s conversion is constantly growing.    

At this time we carry on our SEO-campaign and keep promoting our client’s website, so none of the abovementioned results can be qualified as final. 

  • Duration of the SEO promotion campaign: 174 days
  • Website visibility: 23,5%
  • Keywords got higher positions on Google SERP(s): 157
  • Keywords entered on Google TOP10: 10

The following results have been achieved from the SEO campaign start



For further promotion in organic search we suggested the client to fill their website with content aimed at attracting extra traffic. It is also important to keep up the social networks activity and regularly carry out PR-campaigns for target audience.  

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